Gifts and Graces

Death is all around us.  I see it. A friend of mine started a church around the same time as Bridges of Grace started.  That church, we will call the Flower Church, started slightly before us, but nearly the same.  The Flower Church is closing the doors the very same Sunday Bridges of Grace celebrates […]

Jesus Should Taste Good

Ask the Pastor – Communion “Jesus should Taste Good” At a recent Sunday worship, I handed out pieces of paper and writing utensils before the offering.  I told folks that we are so used to giving our offerings, yet, are we are not used to giving our questions to God.  We are allowed to ask […]

I Just Want to Cry…

In mid-July, Bridges of Grace United Church of Christ took a very bold step forward.  We offered our first public educational event, “Face to Faith: God and Gays.”  I am so proud of my church.  We did it, we pulled it off.  We had a great turn out of people from all walks of life.  […]

Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest

Little did I know that engaging in an open discussion would bring all sorts of people out of the woodwork. As you may or may not know this past weekend (July 14, 2012) Bridges of Grace United Church of Christ held its first “Face to Faith” workshop.  “Face to Faith” is the name we have […]

Spring has Sprung…

Spring has Sprung…  A new day is dawning!  The daffodils and tulips have bloomed.  It is beautiful outside!  It has been so unseasonably warm, that we think 65° is cold. Depending on your perspective, we have been blessed with a very mild winter.  From my perspective it was an amazing winter.  If I never see […]

Where did Everybody Go?

  It is the day after Christmas. This pastor has had a lot to think about this Christmas season and I want to share a few thoughts with you! On Christmas day, some of us from Bridges of Grace UCC volunteered at Manna Meal Soup Kitchen in Charleston, WV. Manna Meal is a new find for […]

You’re Not Doing It Right

Several weeks ago, I shared a YouTube video “Advent in Two Minutes.” Little did I know what a profound affect that video a friend of mine posted on Facebook would have on me? Since my mom passed away more than 10 years ago, I have struggled with the Christmas season. I love everything about the […]


I am a pretty avid Facebooker… Is Facebooker a word?  Well, Microsoft Word says it is not, but I will use it anyway, because chances are you know  exactly what I am talking about. Many of my friends are taking the days in November building to Thanksgiving to talk about the things they are thankful […]


We live in a world of contradictions.  There are no ifs ands or buts about it; black or white, hot or cold, freedom or oppression, life or death to name a few contradictions. That freedom or oppression one has been on my mind today.  Today I found out that Osama Bin Laden was killed on […]

The Church’s One Foundation

I do love this hymn.  It is hymn number 386 in the New Century Hymnal.  It is one of those great songs that anyone can belt out and feel at the core of their being.  I got the chance to sing it this past Sunday… I was at Dublin Community Church United Church of Christ […]