What’s New?

The Christmas season has come and gone.  Now it’s time to get back to business!  “What business?”, you may ask.  The business of giving, of helping, of caring and of doing.  Looking for ways to be involved at Bridges of Grace, and within the community?  Here is a selection of events, activities, and efforts.

Superbowl Sunday – Typically this would be a day we would be helping out at Manna Meal, but on this particular Sunday they’ve got more help than they can shake a stick at!  So we’re going to spend our day off  by sharing some fellowship time and watching the commercials they air during the big game.  We’ll have plenty of food and fellowship – maybe a board game or two – at 302 Sutherland Dr. in St. Albans.  If you’d like to join us in serving at Manna Meal, we’ll continue our schedule of “the First Sunday of each month” on March 3.  Let us know you’d like to participate and we’ll hook you up with the details.

CANstruction – We are thrilled to be working with Covenant House on creating a CANstruction structure.  If you have never seen a 10 foot high tower of canned kidney beans, you are missing out!  CANstruction is Covenant House’s major foodraiser/fundraiser for their food pantry.  Along with helping to build a structure, we’re helping out with the companion piece, Chef’s Challenge.  This is a dinner and silent auction to raise money to fund the food pantry.

Community Involvement – We have signed on to support a new initiative in WV to combat the issue of children, especially young children, living in poverty in WV.  Our Children, Our Future.  Part of our support efforts will be to attend Lobby Day at the Capitol to advocate on behalf of children living in poverty.  We also support Fairness WV and their efforts to ensure equality for everyone whether it be employment or housing.  Please support EHNDA (Employment and Housing Non-Discrimination  Act) by visiting the Fairness Website and signing the petition.

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